Turning whole note rest into bar-length rests

• Jun 15, 2022 - 21:15

This falls under the heading of "It's not big deal to fix, but I have to do it SO many times." I'm exporting a bunch of orchestral material from Logic Pro X to MS. The bars that have whole note rests show up on MS as whole note rests at the left side of the bar. If I select the bar and delete, it turns into the centered bar-length rest that I actually want. Easy to fix, but as I say, I've got to do it hundreds and hundreds of times. Selecting many bars helps, but is there an automatic fix that I can apply to the whole score?


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I'm saying press exactly those two key combos, and your entire score is fixed in about two seconds. Ctrl+A selects the entire score (Cmd+A on Mac of course). Ctrl+Shift+Delete replaces any empty measures with full measure rests. leaving everything else alone. No need to mess with doing things one measure at a time - press those keys and those keys only and the entire job is done.

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Backspace is the other name for the key sometimes called Delete on Mac keyboards. It’s really a backspace, though (in text, deletes the characters before instead of after the cursor - that’s the definition of backspace).

So all I did was say what the Handbook said, with that “translation”, plus clarifying you can do Ctrl+A first and it’s safe. So, reading the Handbook plus a little experimenting could have also gotten you there :-)

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