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• Jun 23, 2022 - 15:20

Hi, I'm trying to select single notes and change their colour - is this possible? I'm making worksheets with notes for students to trace over, or changing colours to help with early note reading. If I try to change the colour of a note on a leger line, I can't select the line to change its colour. I appreciate that it's not strictly part of the note... but when we teach middle C "it has its own little line and you draw the line as part of drawing the note". Example attached.

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Indeed, there is not currently a way to color the leger/ledger lines, other than by coloring all staff lines. That's because technically that line doesn't "belong" to the C - after all, what about B, or A, or lower notes still, or chords containing multiple notes below the staff?

The workaround would be, add your own ledger line from the Symbols palette (press "Z" to display, and search for "leger") and color that. You'll need to change the stacking order in the Inspector to make it display on top of the existing ledger line. A value of 2000 does the trick.

So the process is:

1) select note
2) press "Z"
3) search for "leger"
4) click the desired symbol (I recommend the "wide" to be sure it's enough for whole notes)
5) in the Inspector, change the stacking orderr to 2000, and the color to red
6) close the symbols palette

You may also need to apply horizontal offset in the Inspector to center it better. A value of -0.60 sp seems to work.

The good news is, once you've donbe this once, you can Ctrl+Shift+drag it to your palette for easy reuse. The only part you'd need to then re-do is the horizontal offset.

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