AppImage 3.6.2 - Ubuntu 22.04

• Jun 23, 2022 - 16:18

Does anyone know whether AppImage 3.6.2 is compatible with Ubuntu 22.04?


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AppImage works on Kubuntu 22.04 but not on Ubuntu 22.04. Kubuntu installed libfuse2 and libfuse3 Ubuntu only installed libfuse3.
I installed libfuse2 on Ubuntu; musescore opens but continually stops working (musesscore non risponde) In contrast, the musescore4 nightlies are stable.

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Hi - I have the same issue with Musescore 3.6.2 appimage after upgrading to Ubuntu 22.04. I keep getting "Musescore 3.6.2 is not responding" whenever I click on a menu item or try to edit a score.

It's not the issue with libfuse2, as i already had that installed.

As with the previous poster (sorry, I can't see the names on the other posts while editing this one), the Musescore 4 nightly AppImage version (22nd August 2022) runs OK under Ubuntu v22.04.

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I got same issue in Ubuntu 22.04 . I was using ms AppImage via my custom desktop shortcut, but when I removed my shortcut and installed ms as described on ms page: ./MuseScore*.AppImage install issue gone.
I saw that two libraries were installed during the installation: libjack and libnss3.

Has anyone solved this? Last night I changed from AV Linux to Ubuntu because I was having internet problems. Musescore 3.6.2 worked perfect on AV Linux. But now on Ubuntu, my downloaded copy from the AppImage in won't open. Is there code for the terminal?
Thanks, Sora

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Okay. Here's another question, which I'm not sure about. I heard that MS 4 will not work on Linux. Do you know about this? Would MS 4 work on Linux Mint or Kubuntu? What would you suggest for the creation of parts from large music scores? Going back to Windows to get MS4 or staying with Linux Mint and MS 3.6.2?

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This is a 64bit PC with native Windows10. I have installed on the side Linux Mint. The versions you see coexist peacefully. Linux sees Win as an external drive and I can access it to share files.
4X is still unstable, Nightly evolving. You can try them but pay attention to your scores.

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I am running Kubuntu 22.04.1 and just downloaded the latest nightly build. I used MuseScore to enter two pages of music without any issues. The user interface has changed so that will take some getting used to. Apart from two minor issues I noticed and will report if they haven't been already, it was fine. MS 4 doesn't interfere with your existing 3.6.2 installation, so give it a try.

edit: both issues were already reported

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> "I heard that MS 4 will not work on Linux."
Care to tell us where you heard that? Then we can try to rectify that statement because its just false.

It does look like there won't be VST support for Linux in the initial version; but from the replies here on the forum it seems the team will be continuing to work on solution for that in subsequent releases.

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I think it was a misunderstanding of a statement I made about VST not being supported at first. But other than that, MuseScore 4 definitely runs on Linux, I use it every day.

I would also say, based on what I'm coming to understand is not just hype, once you hear Muse Sounds, you'll forget all about soundfonts and VST and any other workarounds you might have needed to get better playback before. And Muse Sounds will work on Linux from day one.

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