Setting Cleff as Invisible offsets notes until they are to the left of the staff

• Jun 23, 2022 - 17:49


I am trying to set a cleff to be invisible, but it ruins the formatting and the first quarter note appears to the right of the staff. How do I fix this? See the screenshot attached.




I do not see the same behavior; yes the notes move into the space previously occupied by the clef, but do not go outside the staff for me. So you likely have a different setting active as well (such as leading space or X-offsets).

If you want more specific help, then please post the score here for inspection.

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Thanks - I actually figured it out. Formatt>style>page and deselected the "create cleff for all systems" and then just set the automatic first system cleff as invisible. Thanks for the prompt responses. Also - what do you call the first system cleff it puts automatically so I know the jargon?

What is shown in your picture shouldn't ever happen, though. But it's hard to guess form just a picture why it is in your case. In the future, instead of posting pictures of your scores, better to post the scores themselves. Then we can understand and assist better. While in this case, probably a different method was more appropriate anyhow, it would still be good to understand went wrong with your attempt to hide the clef, as that certainly should have worked too.

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