can musescore record direct from keyboard and convert input to music score? if so how o you set it up.

• Jul 1, 2022 - 03:09


When you type names and durations of notes using your computer keyboard, MuseScore will convert that input to a music score. So yes, each stroke of the computer keyboard is recorded directly and converted to a music score.

In addition to the computer keyboard, you can use a MIDI keyboard. This is a different type of keyboard. You were not specific. For MIDI keyboard input, see:


As me ntioned, yes, MuseScore is designed to read your notes one at a time accurately as you enter them form either a computer or MIDI keyboard.

But if you're looking for something where you can just play music and have the software not just enter the notes one at a time, but also make intelligent decisions as to which staff to place which notes on, how to notate the rhythms, when to use multiple voices, etc - AI hasn't really come far enough to expect good results here. The closest you could come is to first record into a sequencer, then quantize the results there to make the rhythms more precise, then save as a MIDI file and then import into MuseScore. There is at least some chance that the results will be close enough to usable as is that the amount of editing then required to make it readable will be less than the amount of time it would have take to enter the notes normally one at a time. But, not a great chance.

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