When changing to Classical guitar Musescore won't open the file

• Jul 2, 2022 - 00:44

Hi all,

Anybody experiencing this problem. when I change the staff to Classical Guitar by right clicking and change staff properties; once I save the file, close it and try to open it again Musescore get stuck in loop and won't open the file. No issues with any other instruments.

Anybody saw this "bug"


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That one looks bad indeed, MuseScore seems to go into an endless loop when trying to load it.
That Guitar staff has a pretty bogus transpositioning:


That can't be right

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I see that the original file is from V 2.3.2
I opened it in 3.6.2 and then saved it. I guess that updates it. Then I reopened it.
Changed the top line to Classical guitar.
Brought the part down an octave.
Saved again.

I think saving the V2version first is what did it. But I know little of these things.

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I did that too with same results. At this point I am happy with the file you sent me.. in theory I would like to know what happened to avoid it in the future, but then again I also would like to be rich and young but oh well , I'll live with I have.

Thank you for the file.

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