Clef changes after remove treble staff

• Jul 2, 2022 - 13:18

As detailed in and the linked issues, when adding instruments that come with multiple staves, after removing one staff from that instrument, the remaining staff will generally change clefs automatically after renaming the instrument.

For example, let's create an empty score and add a 'Bass Synthesizer' instrument. As this is a bass instrument, we don't require the provided treble clef, so we remove that.

Great, now we have a bass instrument with one staff with just a bass clef, just what we want.

But the whole name of 'Bass Synthesizer' is too long, so right-click the staff and select 'Stave/Part Properties". Change the name to simply 'Bass' and click Done.

Boom! Your clef is now a treble clef. Go back to the Instruments panel (by pressing I on the keyboard) and note that the clef is now listed as a treble clef, with no way to change that back to bass clef.

Now, it's possible to just drag the bass clef back in, and that will work, but in some cases, after saving and reloading, the clef has been changed back automatically. I can not figure out why it does this on some documents, but not always. Maybe it's docs that were started in a previous version, and this is fixed in the latest version, but the behaviour is persistent. I'm fairly sure one of the scores I have this problem with was originally created in the latest version, as the song was only written two or three months or so ago. The Date Modified on the MuseScore application is 8 Feb 2021. That song was definitely written well after that date. So I have some scores that change the clef after saving/reloading (using the latest version), but I can't make it happen on a blank, brand new score.

Regardless, the issue of the default clef changing after removing a staff and renaming the instrument is 100% reproducible. The workaround for this (dragging the desired clef on the score) works, but in the cases where the clef continues to change every time I save and reload, I can not get Musescore to behave at all, and no offered workaround works.

OS: macOS 10.14, Arch.: x86_64, MuseScore version (64-bit):, revision: 3224f34

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