Dotted crotchet (quarter note) rests by default for compound time

• Jul 5, 2022 - 15:54

Currently if you place an 8th note on the first beat of a 6/8 bar, the default rest durations for the remainder of the bar is two 8th note rests (which makes sense), followed by a quarter note and another 8th note, shown in FIG 1. In printed music it makes more sense to the reading musicians (speaking from experience) to read a dotted quarter note rest, shown in FIG 2, as this means there is one rest for the entire beat. Having to go through a score and change every single instance of this is a nightmare, especially when working with large scores or large ensembles such as myself, and I think that the default should be changed ASAP.


Another way to think about this could be this. MuseScore has no idea what you want to do on beat 6. Or any beat, for that matter. Suppose a dotted quarter rest is applied to beat 4 automatically. But you wanted to add an 8th note on beat 6. You would have to go through the steps to change the dot to an 8th rest, then add the note. And what if you wanted a dotted quarter note on beat 4. You'd have to use the menu or keystrokes to create and place the note. Same goes for the dotted quarter rest. Rests are just as important as notes.

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