Can't undo tempo goof

• Jul 6, 2022 - 08:49

If I accidentally delete the note value in a tempo mark Undo fails to restore it, at least, not visibly.

Undo seems to reestablish the space for the note value, so maybe it's restored, but not visible.

Anybody have insight into this?

Workaround is to delete the existing tempo mark and create a new tempo mark from scratch. A fully functioning Undo would be better and quicker.


Most likely the <sym> indication got lost somehow resulting in that character now not being fetched from the musical font.

However I'm currently unable to reproduce it here:
1. Click location in score
2. Click 1/4th = 80 in the palette
3. Double click the added marking into edit mode
4. Home, Del to delete the note marking
5. Esc out of edit mode
6. Ctrl+Z
Result: The note is restored in the marking

Interesting. Similarly I'm not able to create this from scratch, but I still see it various scores. However, recently I've pared down a few such scores to post, but I find the issue has abated after editing.

I continue to try to find the trigger and construct shareable file that demonstrates the concern.


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