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• Jul 9, 2022 - 06:11

I've noticed that there are some problems with parts not being updated correctly after making changes in the full score view. So far I have seen that repeatedly with text. I haven't noticed any problems with notes so far but this text problem has created some unnecessary work for me. In my case it was necessary to update every part manually.


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Check out title and tempo text of the attached score. Originally the title was just "Brother Can You Spare" and I changed it later to "Brother Can you Spare a Dime". Only the piano and the trumpet part show the change. All the other part still show the old version.
Also see the tempo text: originally I wrote "Ballad 12/8" right in front of the basic tempo text. Later I changed it to "12/8 Ballad" This is reflected only in the piano part.

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I can confirm the problem - somehow, the link has been broken between the title frames. Anything unusual about how.when you created those parts? A possible fix would be to simply delete the title from from the score then re-add it (e.g., using Add / Text / Title). But, it's possible there might be other link corruptions here. If you continue to find problems, the more complete fix would be to delete those parts from File / Parts and then re-create them. Unfortunately that means re-doing any manual formatting you had done.

this just started happening to me today. in my case it's happening with notes and other symbols/articulations. im having to delete the score saved online and re-upload the updated version

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In a score I'm working on, the figured bass markings which appear perfectly in the score are only partially there in the separate bass part. They stop at one point and the remainder are missing. Tried the usual things, but I can't find any specific settings about figured bass visibility on individual parts...
I've not had this problem before.

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This is something that happens from time to time, but so far no one has found a way to reproduce the problem. If you do - steps that will cause the problem in a score that doesn't already have the issue - please let us know. Meanwhile, two solutions for the existing score:


A. Delete and re-enter the problematic markings


B. Go to the Parts windows and reset the affected part(s) via the "..." menu

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