gap between measures help

• Jul 28, 2022 - 16:06

Why is there a gap between the measures on page two of my score? Is there a setting that controls this? I'm using 3.6.2. Also, measure 19 doesn't play or at least it doesn't sound like it playing.

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While disabling justification does partial workaround hack, it's not a good solution. The real problem here is you have too many systems on the first page, so the second has much more space. Whether that space is distributed nicely as it is now or all bunched up at the bottom, it's not ideal either way. Plus, it disabling jsutification also breaks the good things it normally does in terms of the spacing within systems.

Generally the best solution is to just add a page break somewhere on the first page to balance the pages better. But FWIW, if you do decide for a "lots of space all bunched up on the bottom of last page" look, the better way to achieve it is to add a spacer below the last system. Then vertical jsutifcation can still do its job normally.

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