Error while trying to align to scores imported from PDFs

• Jul 28, 2022 - 20:45


I am trying to bring into MuseScore some PDFs of different instruments of the same music.
The import has done quite a good job for the sax part, but when I experimented pasting an excerpt of the sax score it into the guitar score, it is messing the notes durations.

I know importing PDFs are at an experimental stage and is offered as is, but how could I ensure I could join these two parts together properly?

many thanks once again for the kind support and the brilliant software


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There are many "corrupted" measures (have more or less notes, than should, as per time signature).
Those with gray + (orother sign) on right side

You should fix it before pastingsaxinto guitar (both instruments should have same number of beats in measures)

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  1. Right-click in an empty part of the measure, choose Measure Properties
  2. In Measure Duration, check whether the Norminal duration matches the Actual duration

Trying to correct a problem on this screen often will not work. Instead, you have to insert a new measure and re-enter the notes correctly. And then you have to delete the corrupt measure. So you may find that trying to automatically generate a score from a PDF is more trouble than it's worth.

There are optical music recognition (OMR) programs which work very well, but in my experience they are commercial (paid-for) software.

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