Can't make connection my MIDI-control device NEKTAR-Impact ix 49 to my PC - NO SOUND ...!

• Aug 8, 2022 - 09:23

Was following the Video Tutorial several times but can't make a successful connection to my PC - NO SOUND ...!
I'd appreciate anyone to tell me what I'm doing wrong OR forgot to do in the settings - I'm pretty new and inexperienced ...
Thanks ...Tony H.


Is the problem that the keyboard wont enter notes, or that MuseScore won't playback through the keyboard, or that MuseScore won't make sound when the keyboard is connected (but presumably will when the keyboard is not connected)? Please describe the problem in more detail and someone should be able to help.

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August 8, 2022

Hi Marc:

The problem is 2-fold: 1) the KEYBOARD WON'T ENTER the NOTES although I've tried to re-connect it SEVERAL TIMES and the KEYBOARD FUNCTIONS NORMALLY with OTHER SEQUENCERS, AND: 2) the MuseScore runs BUT WON'T MAKE/PLAY ANY SOUND due to some MuseScore setting/s being INCORRECT - PLEASE PROVIDE the SPECIFIC STEP-BY-STEP procedure - Thanks!
Your further HELP would be greatly appreciated because I'd like your MuseScore and would LIKE TO MAKE IT WORKING CORRECTLY, PLEASE ...Tony H.

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Hi Marc:
...and thanks for the 'starting points of instruction' for me as the COMPLETE BEGINNER to MuseScore, hi-hi!
First - just to inform you about my 'progress so far':
- I've checked and adjusted all I thought I needed to make, and I've GOT the sound DURING the playing back any score sample, and I was able to enter some notes producing correct sound BUT ONLY USING MY MOUSE and selecting the desirable notes manually. However, my MAJOR OBJECTIVE IS TO USE MY MIDI-CONTROLLER KEYBOARD EXCLUSIVELY, and ENTERING all notes by a live playing the notes/sequence on the MIDI-keyboard: here I still HAVE NO CONNECTION between the MIDI-keyboard and the MuseScore Software which means when I'm pressing the keys on my keyboard - NOTHING is entered into the sheet and therefore no sound is produced so as the beginner - here I need your NEXT HELP as follows:

  • SPECIFIC STEP-BY-STEP procedure TO ESTABLISH the connection between the MIDI-keyboard and the MuseScore because I still do NOT have the CORRECT CONNECTION/SETTINGS between the MIDI-keyboard and the MuseScore
  • after I obtain your instructions, then I need SPECIFIC STEP-BY-STEP describing the basic procedure for RECORDING my notes entered into the score sheet by PLAYING THEM LIVE ON the KEYBOARD - here you could perhaps enclose an appropriate link from a Tutorial which describes the procedure in detail ...?!?
    Otherwise - I like the SOUND PRODUCED by the MuseScore, including the sound of the pre-recorded score samples during their playback.
    So - your further HELP by providing me with the SPECIFIC guidelines would be greatly appreciated ...!
    Many thanks ...Tony H.

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OK, glad you've got sound working!

Regaridng MIDI, that can be tricky, but usually the main problem people encounter is not connecting and turning on their keyboard before starting MuseScore. That's step one. Then you normally also need to go to Edit / Preferences / I/O and make sure it's selected in the dropdown menus there.

Hoewever, if you're expecting you can just play your keyboard live, and MsueScore will figure out not only how to spell the notes (C# or Db) but also how to notate the rhythms (was that note slight late for beat 1 or slightly early for beat 2) and also which hand is playing which note, when to use multiple voices, etc - unfortunately, AI technology hasn't come that far yet. You'll see be entering notes one at a time, you'll just play them on the keyboard rather than click or type. Typing, BTW, is usually the fastest.

You can try playing live into a MIDi sequencer, making sure to play the two hands separately so theygo onto separate tracks, then carefully quantizing the results there, then saving a standard MIDI file, then importing the results into MuseScore, and with any luck you'll only need to correct the note spellings. Under the best conditions, the process might be only a little slower than simply typing the notes int. it's extremely unlikely to ever be faster, however.

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