Change Time signature and note values

• Aug 8, 2022 - 19:24

I have a pdf of a song with a 2/4 time signature.
After running the pdf import tool, I got a few errors which I hope to fix manually but basically the score was imported but somehow it was interpreted as 4/4 and all the note values doubled so eight notes are now quarter notes, quarter notes half notes, etc.
How can convert the score back to 2/4 while making all the note values also half?
Score attached.

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When I opened your score a box came up saying that bar 96, stave 7 was corrupted, 472/324 rather than 4/4. If you go to that bar and fix it (I copied and pasted from bar 98), and save again, then pasting half note values into a new score works fine.
Such corruptions are quite common in PDF imports.

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