Accessing Percussion Notation

• Aug 8, 2022 - 20:14

How do I access the percussion notation extension? I uploaded the extension but am not clear on what happens next...I don't see any change in my musescore software. But maybe it is there and I am missing it. In any case, once the percussion notation is available to me, how where do I find it to use in a score?


Are you referring to MDL? If so, then you should change to the MDL workspace using the control that would normally be at the top right, unless MDL changed that. Then, simply add the instruments you want and enter notes normally. That is, Edit / Instruments to add instruments to existing scores, or File / New to create new ones (and MDL provides a variety of templates to choose from). Then enter notes onto the instruments you just added and you'll see all the various options right there in the drum palette.

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