Bo and B0 sound the same, should they?

• Aug 9, 2022 - 01:34

I know there has been some posts about diminished chords and their variations. (I'm still just getting the hang of diminished chords in theory hehehe). But I have a couple of questions about notation and how that translates into musescore.
- At the moment, I have typed B0 and Bo to get B half diminished and B diminished but upon playback, I hear the same chord twice, is this correct?
- If I try to write the chord with the full notation, should it be Bm75b or Bm7b5 or Bm7(5b) ? I think all of those sound different but maybe I don't full get how the notation translates to the notes of the chord.

Thanks in advance for your help.


Bo is just a triad. B0 is kind of ambiguous, probably you mean B07. That is a half-diminished seventh chord and will definitely sound different from the diminished triad Bo or the fully-diminished seventh chord Bo7.

B07 is another term for Bm7b5, which could also be written Bm7(b5) but the parens are totally optional. Don't write 5b, though - always put the accidental before the number it is modifying.

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