Add to documentation relative note duration input method

• Aug 10, 2022 - 03:29

Dear developers,
I suggest to add to documentation a feature I find quite useful, under "Select a note/rest duration"

  • Relative to last entered note: via custom shortcut "Decrease active duration" and "Increase active duration"

I find myself think mostly "relatively" when i do rhythm dictation.
Musescore 3.6.2 default N mode , to change duration before pitch input, aka active, aka at the cursor:
* click a duration icon in the Note Input toolbar
* shortcut 1-9 and dot(.)
aside from dot, all requires thought process of absolute note duration and recalling the number (4=quaver) I've seen people do:
* DIY note stickers on keypad
* try-and-error button spamming
* right hand frequent alternating between computer/MIDI keyboard and mouse (to click the icons) /keypad
I discovered these two actions by chance in settings>shortcuts , I'm so thankful to devs' dedication to allow different workflows THANK YOU
Now I start every score with a quaver and then use these two actions and the dot(.) to change duration before pitch input, which narrows down my buttons to spam :)
I tried to use the default Q and W and Shift-QW keys, they unfavorably changed the last entered note, after all they propably originated from the need to change note duration after input



I read your post several times, but I it's still not clear to me what you did to the shortcuts or what you want added to the documentation.

Can you explain more, referring to the list of shortcuts shown below:
Shortcuts to change active duration.png

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Simply put, I'd like to add some info to this page
I'd like to discuss whether it is worthwhile or not.

While using default step-time input, these two actions (not mentioned anywhere online) are useful to me and I hope that more users know about them.
I feel these actions allow a distinctly different and natural "relative" style rhythm dictation workflow, which negate the process of thinking absolute note duration value and counting note tails/value/beams on your piece of sketch napkin, also I do not need to press numpad anymore. Does anyone think rhythm the "relatively" way like I do?
See attachment for my current shortcut config. relative.PNG
To demonstrate, enter a happy birthday score: so so la so do ti
Default method : 4 G G 5 A G C 6 B
Relative method: 4 G G W A G C W B , decide tempo and/or adjust with Ctrl-Shift-Q/W afterwards
the above score is not ideal theory-wise (should use a pickup bar etc)

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