Chord Symbols for Major 7, Half-diminished and diminished chords ?

• Aug 13, 2022 - 07:08

I am using Musescore under Win10.  When I used Musescore 2 chord symbols would show the Major 7th chord as a triangle, the m7-5 aka. half diminished chord as a circle with 45d line through and diminished as circle.  Musescore 3 no longer does this. In Format=>Style=>Score I have MuseJazz and MuseJazz text as defaults as I did previously.

I tried a work around: after Alt-K to enter a chord symbol I hit F2 and "special characters" comes up.  There is a half-diminished circle/line but I am not able to click on it nor drag it after the chord symbol.
There is no Major 7th triangle in the "special characters" menu.

A related question is the chords symbols now show a plain text such as Verdana and previously showed a more scripted Jazz version. How can I get that back? Alternately I am unable to universally change the chord symbols to a larger font; seems to be lock on Verdana 10pt.

I really appreciate the help. A complex and wonderful program. Best regards.

How might I get these functions back?


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Yes, Cntrl-t and you're spot on and I was able to correct the styles, thank you. And yes I forgot that I had used t and o in Musescore 2.

I screwed up and was trying to separate the instrument voices and inadvertently added a third staff (see attached). How do I delete that? Too late right now so I have no more weak jokes and appreciate your help.

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If you want two stves that are different instrument, use Edit / Instrument to make sure you have two instruments of one staff each, not one instrument of two staves. That's for existing scorews; for new choose, just choose the instruments that way to begin with rather than starting from piano or another two-staff single instrument.

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