[solved] Cutting out a note and shifting all the following notes to the left

• Aug 17, 2022 - 17:51

Let's say I have the following notes in the following three bars (time signature is 4/4, * means a rest):

| A-B-C-D | E-F-G-H |H * * *|

Now, let's say I want to get rid of C and I want all the following notes to shift to the left. In other words I want to see the following:

|A-B-D-E |F-G-H-H |* * *

Is there a mechanism in MuseScore to do that with one click or so?


Click on D,
Shift+Click on last H

You should now have a blue selection box round the notes D to the second H

Now press CTRL+X to cut,
Select the C
Press CTRL+V to paste

Done - in much less time than it takes to explain.

In general, rather than removing the notes you don't want, move the notes you do want by selecting them, cutting them and then pasting them where you want them to go.

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Done - in much less time than it takes to explain.

That's an excellent follow up observation (especially for any impatient TLDR folk).

Once a Musescorer follows your steps, they should see no need for "cutting out", or "getting rid of", or first deleting stuff.
The cut/paste logic should become apparent after the procedure is performed a few times.

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Thanks, but that is more like a workaround rather than "with one click or so".

Besides, in case of having a big score and the note that I want to get rid of being somewhere in the beginning of it, it is rather risky to cut out almost the whole score.

And this method is absolutely impossible if I already have something on the clipboard and I want to keep it there while getting rid of just one note.

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The thing is, MuseScore has no way of knowing how many notes you want to move - is it just the next note, or all notes to the end of the measure, or all notes to th need of the phrase, all notes to the of the movement, all notes to the end of the score? Using cut and paste to move notes isn't a workaround - it's exactly how you tell MsueScore how many notes to move and where to move them to. That goes whether moving one beat to the left, seventeen measures to the right, to a different staff, or to an entirely different score. One simple method for moving things that works reliably.

And it's specifically the case of large scores where you are moving something near the beginning where it's especially import you be able to tell MsueScore exactly which notes to move. It's no more risky to tell MsueScore which notes and do the move than to ask MsueScore to guess how many notes - quite the opposite!

But yeah, as with any operation involving the clipboard, you need to do things in an appropriate order.

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