Adding a Logo to Copyright Notice

• Aug 17, 2022 - 22:55

Hello all!

So I would like to add my business logo at the bottom of the score for brand recognition. However, I am running into 2 problems:

Problem #1) Finding a way to place the text in a way that won't collide with the score or automatically shift the first system to the next page
Problem #2) Finding a way to insert the jpg of my logo and maneuver it however I want

I want the copyright notice it to look like this at the bottom:

This sheet music provided at no cost by Justin Marshall Riley and


Band Geek Dad Music Publications
These tunes are all in the public domain.

I've tried:

1) Putting this text in the copyright field under File>Score properties. I can't make it separate into multiple lines.
2a) Putting this text in the footer field under Format>Style>Header/Footer. It allows me to separate the text into multiple lines but pushes the top line up so it collides with the score.
2b) To remedy this problem, I've tried adjusting the lower margins, both using Format>Page Settings AND using Format>Style>Text Styles>Footer>Adjust the offset. Both made no difference.
3) Inserting staff text at the bottom staff and, using the inspector, change the style from "staff" to "footer" and the placement from "Above" to "Below." This is certainly a possible solution to Problem #1 but does not help me with Problem #2
4) Inserting a vertical text frame. This definitely solves Problem #2 as I can now maneuver the text and image the way I want, however it does not solve Problem #1 as it pushes the first system to the second page. I tried adjusting the size of the systems from Format>Page Settings>Scaling, but it didn't seem to work. The first system remains on page 2.

I've attached the file for reference. Thanks in advance for taking the time look at it.


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3-Note_Tunes_To_Learn_by_Ear.mscz 146.62 KB


Is this any good? I placed the text frame up the page to allow the notes to follow, shrunk the frame and then displaced the text and logo by adjusting their Y values.

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rubb3.mscz 159.12 KB

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Wow, yes this is perfect! But I still don't know how you did it. "I placed the text frame up the page to allow the notes to follow." Can you be more specific when you say "up the page"? Did you attach it to a note or something? I actually just discovered using frames today so I'm new to that concept. Thanks!

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