multimeasure rest number adjustment not saved

• Aug 18, 2022 - 15:20

I would like to lower the number in a multimeasure rest when there is text above, but it seems to be impossible. The adjustment appears on the screen but is not preserved on close and re-open.
And does anyone have suggestions about two other problems?
(1) Inserting cues in a part but not the score is a pain. I definitely want to do this, Marc notwithstanding.
(2) Putting 8va’s in the score but ledger lines in a part is a huge pain. Pianists prefer 8va's and they sometimes save vital space (facilitating page turns), but flutists require ledger lines.

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The number position is known and should be fixed in 4.0. Feel free to test that using the recently-announced alpha!

Not sure what you mean by "Marc notwithstanding" on entrance cues - I'm all in favor of this ability. Definitely something we'd all like to see. I think you might be thinking of a specific discussion about cue notes that were being used to show alternate parts to play - those should normally be shown in the score. Anyhow, something I think we're likely to see in some future 4.x release.

And good point about having 8va vs ledger lines in score vs parts, that's worth file a separate feature request for.

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