Can multiple rest-only measures (in one or more staves) be hidden based on span of measures?

• Aug 19, 2022 - 23:39

I'm migrating a score into MuseScore. It has 5 musicians: C)larinet, B)assoon, FH)orn, T)rombone, piano.

For the measures prior to 28, C, B, FH & T will play their instruments as designated. Then they likewise play measures 61-End.

For measures 28-60, said players will MOVE TO different instruments (which happen to be H)armonica, W)ood blocks, G)lockenspiel and S)ynthesizer.

Thus, without any stave hiding based on rest-only measures, there are C, B, FH, T and then H, W, G, S and then piano, 9 staves. Sorry, there is an 'index' stave. Total: 10 staves.

I'm hoping to SHOW the H, W, G and S staves only when they're 'live' - measures 28-60. By doing this, I conserve page space, which I need for paragraphs of text that direct the choreography. 2 staves always need to be visible: piano, and an 'index' stave where choreography is indexed to text paragraphs in the score.

Might this be possible?

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There are both score-wide and staff-specific controls over hiding when empty. So, you can either enable the score-wide setting in Format / Style / Score and then disable it in Staff/Part Properties for just the staves you want always visible, or the converse.

BTW, you could also do all this without hiding staves at all, just add instrument changes from clarinet to harmonic, bassoon to wood blocks, etc. This will make the parts work out more easily, assuming you know for sure it's the clarinet player who will take up the harmonica, etc.

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