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• Aug 25, 2022 - 13:18


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Thank you very much @elsewhere, you are correct that's a bug, and welcome to online doc.

Do you know you do not really need to report to correct any error? Please feel free to fix wrongs by editing pages directly. I'm not one of "them" from the company and I've notice many here are not too. I'm one of those hobbyist like yourself, joined 2 weeks ago, wanna offer tiny piece of help to this fabulous FOSS in free time, not a moderator. IFAIK wiki's self regulated for now, there might be a modulator/permission system in place, familiar assertive faces seen on forum are eg Jojo Schmitz and Marc Sabatella. Who's really "officially from the company" stamping and shreding wiki pages? I hope I'll never know. To guess who's in charge see contributors, also check on any user's profile page whether he's written code for the main app.

I've been seeing the plugin doc section grows everso slowly, cry for help to similar problems pop up every now and then, jeetee, mirabilos, dmitrio95 among many other talented coders often appear in time of need, but the forum search function is not always productive, so you keep seeing valuable wisdom lost in the forum (who'd flip beyond page 5?). The only ref available online is from dmitrio95, who's also the ?main and only? dev behind the API engine himself, its perfectly structured for seasoned coders, but far from user-friendly for novice. Then rocchio take initiative and started a page jotting notes last year and then I joined, hoping to shed light onto the plugin scene for absolute beginners to kickstart their project.

Javascript is viral, QML is neat, API's sufficient, there's got to be much more than the currently limited plugin repos. I'm so happy parkingb is working on a jquery alike.

edit: I just checked out your chord plugins, seems you know all of these, please pardon my nagging.

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Just to be clear: I'm just a volunteer community member like many others. I do have a sort of special role regarding the Handbook (not the developer handbook, but the actual documentation for MuseScore), where I am tasked with overseeing some of the "big picture".

FWIW, of the people named here, only dmitrio95 was ever a member of the "official" team, but he's since moved on.

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>Then rocchio take initiative and started a page jotting notes last year

True, and just fwiw: I took a pause on advancing my plugin for the Mtn Dulcimer when it seemed like MS v4 was imminent; figuring there would be changes in v4. Thus I've not contributed new knowledge to the plugin docs for a long while. But I do still intend to help support plugin docs over the long run.

Hi! How do I quote a piece of code on the snippets page?. From what I read it should use Markdown and/or bracketed between "<"code">" & "<"/code">" ??
A list of all available markdown tags would also be useful on the snippets page
EDIT: Here is what I wanted to post in Snippets, but I still can't figure out ho w to do that (getting too old). Maybe you can do it if it seems worthwhile...

Replacing notes in tuplets


If you read this example from a plugin the ticks of the quintuplet will be 480, 672 etc (adding 192 every time). 192 x 5 = 960 (duration of a half note)
But if for some reason you want to alter the tuplet notes you have to set duration to:
192 * 5 (cursor.element.tuplet.actualNotes) / 4 (cursor.element.tuplet.normalNotes) = 240 (duration of a 1/8th note).
See for example my xdrop2.qml plugin (…)

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To quote QML code while editing a page, such as the 'snippits' page, put the code between bracketed qml tags. For example: < qml > your code here < /qml > (but remove the blank spaces I put around the brackets here to prevent this reply being formatted as code).

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