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• Aug 31, 2022 - 08:30

In my first page edit I've found one challenge is updating the page node links in text copied from the V3 Handbook. e.g. node:330542,title="Palette" Palette

I added a column to the Handbook editor spreadsheet to show the page node numbers I discover as I progress. Is this useful?

Is there a list of the page node numbers, in which case my new column is redundant.


To expose the node number, go the page in question, click on the top right-hand vertical dots and select "Edit". You'll find the number in the URL in the address bar.

Actually, this leads me to another question that I think I know the answer to, and another I am not so sure about:

1) Why are we doing this node business anyhow instead of the regular Markdown link syntax?

I assume the answer is, that this somehow does the right thing with respect to translations in a way that the regular link. I'm not sure I believe the regular thing doesn't, though - if we leave the "en" out of the URL in the link, doesn't it get filled automatically?

More importantly, though:

2) How are we supposed to link to particular headings within pages?

Is that what the "fragment" is about in some of the node links I see? So I guess those anchor tags don't get translated?

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1) as the translated page may (and often will) have a different title, the 'vanity' URL will be different, so just dropping the "en" or replacing it with e.g. "de", just won't work. The node number will though.
2) yes, that's what it is and yes, translation not needed and even harmful (you'll never know where they are getting used)

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