Can't get the TempoChanges plugin to show up in Plugin Manager

• Sep 10, 2022 - 19:22

I downloaded and unzipped the folder "MuseScore_TempoChanges-2.6.0," put TempoChanges.qml in homepath/Documents/MuseScore3/Plugins folder, and clicked on "Reload Plugin" in the Plugins Manager. The dialog box tells me the Plugins have been reloaded, but TempoChanges still does not appear in the list. I confirmed that the correct path is specified for plugins in MuseScore preferences. I tried this both with the entire "MuseScore_TempoChanges-2.6.0," folder in the Plugins folder and with the .qml file by itself directly in the Plugins folder. I even tried putting the .qml file in the Program Files/MuseScore3/Plugins folder. None of these combinations has worked. Am I missing something? I read awhile back that jeetee was waiting to make TempoChanges for MuseScore 3 available until the Plugins framework for MuseScore3 had stabilized, but read later that it is working now.

Have I missed a step somewhere? I am running MuseScore 3.6.2 in Windows10


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