I'm having trouble using shortcut keys.

• Sep 16, 2022 - 02:41

Hello everyone!

I am a mac user.
I'm using a JIS keyboard.
I'm having trouble using shortcut keys.
I can't use the return key to wrap bars and the TAB key to move bars when entering chords.
Is there any way?
The keyboard shortcuts are set correctly in the application preferences.
please tell me.

thank you!


If you attach your score and tell exactly which measure you are selecting when you press Enter, or which chord symbol you are double-clicking to edit before pressing Tab to move to the next measure, we can understand and assist better.

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Something is definitely wrong. Maybe somehow your shortcuts definition file got corrupted. I would first try Help / Revert to Factory Settings, and if thsat doesn't fix it, try removing and reinstalling MuseScore, Definitely, this works in general - there are millions of MuseScore users on Mac. Could be a specific keyboard - different versions for different countries occasionally cause problems, But I've never heard of a problem with those keys in particular.

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Thank you!
I also tried resetting, but it didn't work.
After stopping the application that was always running and removing all the devices connected to the MacBookPro, I tried to install MuseScore again.
Then the shortcut key worked safely!
It seems that something went wrong during the installation. . .
Now you can use MuseScore!
I'm really thankful to you!
It was helpful!

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