Unhide a stave

• Sep 17, 2022 - 17:30

I have used hide always on 1 stave in a score and, on deleting the last note in that stave, it has correctly become hidden throughout the score. Now I want to put some notes back in but can't find where to make it unhidden.


Hmm, never encountered this before. I suspect that there is an official way to reverse the invisibility but, if not, a workaround is to create a Part for the invisible stave and insert a note and then the stave becomes visible again in the score.

Possible UI ways:

(1) Open Staff/Part properties on a still visible staff. Then use the up/down arrow buttons at the bottom left of that dialog to to locate your hidden staff and change the property for it.

(2) Go into Note Input mode on a still visible staff. Use Alt+up/down and pay attention to the status bar to see when you're focused on the still hidden staff. Start typing in notes; the staff will become visible again because it's no longer empty.

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In theory, MuseScore 4 would make this possible because the staff would still be in the Instruments panel even when hidden, and you could unhide it there - except that while the "Cutaway" option is exposed in Instruments, "Hide when empty" is not. Seems like a natural addition to make though.

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