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• Sep 22, 2022 - 09:11

Hello! I would like to comment on a few details regarding the professional music engraving. Because the time-saving is very important in our job :)

  1. It would be very useful to be able to select a musical fragment and then, by using a shortcut, to be able to select dynamics, articulations, slurs, different texts, etc. And I mean just that. No pitches. This is important, for example, when working on revision and layout with already prepared score.

  2. To be able to select, for example, several dynamics and hairpins (filter or ctrl. + click) and be able to move them up & down (also left & right) using arrow or ctrl. + arrow. Now you can only do this with dynamics, but in a tricky way using the inspector panel.

  3. Align in row / in column for selected texts and hairpins would be perfect.

  4. Why can I copy several dynamics (also technique texts) and place them in a different place, but I can't do that with slurs?

  5. I would like to be able to move the expression or technique text (by dragging) to another stave or measure. But the initial assignation place (for example, measure/stave 1 instead of measure/stave 4 after dragging) does not change.

  6. Automatic layout (image file example).

I will probably add more proposals soon. I hope it will be useful.

Thank you, best regards, K.

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I see that the point 6 is already fixed in MuseScore 4. Great!

  1. What about the erase background option for dynamics and texts? Useful when working on scores with limited space.

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Right, it ends up being impossible because there would be no way to select what type you want to select similar elements of, without losing the range selection. But the click / Shift+click method is faster still.

In theory, one could write specific plugins for "select all dynamics in range", "select all lyrics in range" etc., and give them each their own shortcut.

Thanks for your comments! Ypu'll be pleased to know most of this is already possible:

  1. After making a range selection, right-click any given dynamic, then choose Select / All SImilar Elements in Range. An even more efficient way, though, is to click one dynamic, Shift+click another to select all dynamics in in between - no need to actually select a range of notes first at all.

  2. Possible using the Inspector, just select the dynamics & hairpins and move them

  3. Is more or less possible using the Inspector as well - if you attach a score and describe what you are trying to do in more detail, we can assist further

  4. MuseScore 4 does allow copy and paste of slurs. Note this is much more complicated when you consider that slurs have both start and end points, can also cross voices and even staves, etc. So just figuring out exactly which notes to attach them to would be difficult except in the trivial of cases where it's only a voice and the rhythms are identical. In that case, easiest way to work currently in MuseScore 3 is copy the entire passage then use Repitch mode to change the pitches.

  5. Moving text is best done via cut & paste, more precise in terms of positioning than drag

  6. I don't understand your picture, but it appears you may have entered the info incorrectly. MuseScore 3 already does what is shown in the second version by default - hairpins already start to the right of the dynamic by default. So, the :"expected" is the default. If you continue to have trouble after making sure you enter the dynamics and hairpin correctly, best to start a new thread and attach the score and steps to reproduce the problem, so we can understand and assist better.

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