Put all Palettes and Workspace info in Basics?

• Sep 22, 2022 - 10:05

IMV, "Working with palettes" (Basics) and "Palettes (Customization) should be in the same section—i.e. Basics. A similar issue with "Workspaces". Why not put this in Basics as well?


As Jojo says, customization is definitely not basic. The idea of the Basics chapter is, we want someone to be able to read that chapter and nothing else as a "getting started" activity and be able to become reasonably proficient. So we tried to limit it to just the things we thought virtually everyone would need. but also, to put everything that we thought everyone would need there.

There was a lot of discussion and experimentation with different outlines leading up to that, but this was what felt the best. The downside is that indeed there are some related pages that are now separated from each other. Like, should tuplets go into Basics, or in the chapter on Rhythm? Definitely we can revisit individual decisions like that, but we do want to keep to our basic strategy here of keeping Basics as focused as possible on the things everyone needs.

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