Ungroup staves/hide extended barlines

• Oct 1, 2022 - 22:45

My score has a single piano staff, treble clef only. I've removed the lower staff, but the remaining staff still wants to group itself with the instrument below it: the barlines all "span to next staff", and every time I change an instrument the curly bracket joining the staves reappears.

The latter is easy to work around, but I can't find a way to un-extend all the barlines at once that excludes the leftmost barline of each system. Not sure if I just need a fancy selection mode or if there's some way to fix the underlying mismatch, but any help is appreciated.

I've attached a screenshot that illustrates what I want and a minimal score to play around with.

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For the piano, leave the grand staff alone and use menu item: Format > Style > 'Hide empty staves within systems' to hide the blank bass clef staff.
See: barlines.mscz

EDIT: If you are still entering notes into the score and don't wish to use Format > Style > "Hide empty staves within systems" because you wish to see blank staves for other instruments, do this instead:
Right click the piano bass clef staff and, in Staff/Part Properties, change 'Hide when empty' to 'Always'. This will allow you to append measures for other instruments without those appended (blank) measures being hidden when they form a blank staff.

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