• Oct 2, 2022 - 17:38

I just updated to the Musescore 4 version, but when I use the 'playback' feature, I can't hear anything. (I use a Mac btw)


First, be aware there is no MuseScore 4 version yet - only experimental pre-release builds intended for testing. So, definitely expect bugs. And be sure you are on the latest nightly build,not an older one like the "alpha" or the incorrectly labeled "beta' which was actually from over a year ago.

That said, one thing to be aware of is, if you start playback by selecting a measure, it will only play that staff. So if the instrument you select the measure on isn't playing, you won't hear anything. To hear the whole ensemble, start by selecting a note, or rest, or really anything except a whole measure.

If that doesn't help, try Edit / Preferences / I/O and see if there is anything to select there that would help.

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