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• Oct 2, 2022 - 17:55
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S3 - Major
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I'm attempting to input a simple score. I am half way through when I notice it will play back half of the score but then goes silent. I cannot see anything that would cause it to do that. I've attached the score. It stops playing any sound at measure 22. I hope it's an easy fix.

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It plays fine for me. be sure to be doing your testing using currently nightly builds. If you continue to have trouble, please give precise steps to reproduce the problem. Also, keep in mind that during this experimental pre-release testing phase for MuseScore 4, we're using GitHub instead of this tracker. So if there does turn out to be an actual bug, you'll need to report it there.

Can you explain in more detail what you are having trouble figuring out? How to download a nightly build? See the Download menu on this page, then Software, then scroll towards the bottom where you see the development builds.

Or if you mean, you are using a nightly build, but somehow something isn't working, please explain in more detail. Give precise steps to reproduce the problem (eg, which specific note in the score you click before starting playback). If there is a bug, we definitely want to know how to reproduce it so it can be fixed. That is, after all, the entire point of these experimental pre-release bullds - to help us test the software.

If you're not interested in helping test MuseScore 4, though, indeed, you shouldn't be using it yet - these experimental pre-release builds are not intended for real use yet. So if your goal is simply to get work done, best to stick with 3.6.2 until MsueScore 4 is actually released. While you can't copy and pastyr, you can export to MusicXML, and everything should come through fine.