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• Oct 5, 2022 - 17:37

So previously MuseScore has "deleted" some of my files, but I could find them by going to the file location found in score properties. Recently I've run into a similar problem, but this fix isn't working. I think the files may have been corrupted, but I'm unsure how to recover them regardless.

If anyone can help, I would really appreciate it.


MuseScore never ever deletes any of your scores. If you save a score, it always remains right there in the folder you chose to save it to when you first created the file. If you recover a score after crash, that's a special autosave version, not your actual score, so best to save that explicitly back to your original folder. but if you don't do that, they might still be int he autosave folder 9see link above).

Anyhow, again, MuseScore never ever deletes any of your files. If you're having trouble remembering which folder you saved a score to. best to do a full system search using your OS's tools for that (eg, Explorer on Windows, Finder on macOS).

If you continue to have trouble, please explain in more detail.

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If you know the exact pathname of the folder you saved them to and pulled them up before, just navigate to that exact folder.

Otherwise, you’ll need to consult the documentation for your computer / OS to learn how to do a more complete search - being sure to include hidden files, files in system folders, file on removable media, etc.

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