Add shortcuts for Dynamics

• Oct 5, 2022 - 21:47

As the title says, add shortcuts (user changeable) for dynamics. When a note is selected, the user can add a dynamic, then advance/retard the input cursor to a new position, with the focus.


This sounds like it would be more useful for people that put dynamics in the score after the music written, rather than as the music is being written.

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On the contrary, I'd use the shortcuts to add dynamics as I go, so my hands can stay on the qwerty keyboard, and not have to go to the mouse and back.

That is the point of me posting this FR.

I'd like shortcut potential for every window/panel, and for the panel/window to gain focus when it's open, then use the tab key to navigate to items that may not always be used frequently, then for the focus to return to the active score when the panel/window is closed. (with a shortcut) As just one example.

We're not all enamored with using a mouse for most tasks. It's far easier on the hands and wrists to use the qwerty or physical piano keyboard. Adding shortcuts (user assignable) for all this is a common sense alternative, and the user can build their own mouse free workflows to preserve their health for longer.

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If you are referring to CTS, this is not the problem it was 20 or 30 years ago. Shortcuts are, of course, faster for just about every type of input. The problem I have is trying to remember the 20 or 30 shortcuts just for note input. And then to add many more for palettes and such, has no appeal for me. Of course the capability should be added. Folks need to be able to work quickly. I get it.
I compose with MuseScore. Each individual note is important. Each note needs to be fit just where I need it to go. And where it ends up is not always the first place I put it. Each note needs to blend and lead us forward. So it's a lot of add some notes. Listen to the result and make adjustments. listen some more. For my work, how fast note input happens is irrelevant. Although I can put that note just where I want it in one motion.

The long term vision is for it to be possible to assign shortcuts to any palette item. This has been the dream years, but some work has been done noe, so although it won't be in 4.0, it might well end up in 4.1 or thereabouts.

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