MS4 Alpha2 - Play arpeggiated !?

• Oct 6, 2022 - 16:05

Unfortunately, despite my reports, nothing has changed yet: playing the arpeggiated on 2 staves is still not possible except with some tricks (attachment 1). MS continues to put separate arpeggiates on each individual staff (appendix 2). Is there any hope for the release of MS4? Thanks to those who will give me an answer.
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It's very unlikely that any new features will be added between now and the initial 4.0.0 release. But, it's certainly reasonable to hope we'll see this improved in some 4.x update.

Note, however, you shouldn't need any special tricks to get the correct notation shown in your first example. Add the arpeggio to the top staff, use Shift+Down to move the lower handle to the bottom staff.

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