Automatically correct stem directions

• Oct 30, 2022 - 16:51

I'm working with files imported from Logic Pro X. In some cases, I'm finding that stem directions for some of the instruments are incorrect. This might have something to do with the import, or with changes I've made since then, but in any case, is there a way to now direct MS to fix all those stems. I'm dealing almost exclusively with instruments that have only 1 voice.


This does indeed happen with MusicXML import - usually MusicXML specify the stem direction that was present in the original software, but if you then change clefs, or transpose, or edit in any way, those stem directions might be wrong. So the very thing think I always do upon importing a MusicXML file is Ctrl+A, Ctrl+R. Also usually I go through the Format menu and the Style and Page Settings dialog and reset everything I can.

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See the Format menu, where the shortcuts are listed - that's Reset Shares and Positions. There shouldn't be anything that will be reset that you wouldn't want reset - basically, none of the locked-in manual adjustments in the MusicXML file are likely to be of any benefit, and many if not most will turn out, like this one, to be counterproductive. Starting from a clean slate is pretty important in getting good results from MusicXML import.

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