Import PDF - missed time signature

• Nov 3, 2022 - 14:33

I imported a PDF using the online converter. Notewise, it was quite successful but the piece is in 12/8 and it missed the time signature at the beginning so everything appears to be in 4/4 with overlength bars indicated by +. When I attempt to add the correct time signature it refuses saying "cannot split tuplet". Is there any way to recover from this simple problem without rewriting the entire piece?


I imported a PDF using the - still experimental - import function of Musescore Musescore today, for the very first time. It was a clearly readable score (produced by someone else as a PDF export from I believe Finale).
There certainly is still a lot of enhancement work; but it did produce a somewhat usable initial score which absolutely needs verification and correction to be of real use. Still, I am impressed with what it is already able to deliver. My findings:
- score header / title / subtitle are not imported
- key and time signature correct
- BPM is wrong (120 instead of 105)
- here and there a wrong note is put (si vs do)
- here and there a legato bow line is not imported
- lyrics are not imported at all
- label fields are not imported (Chorus, Pre Chorus, Verse; chord names)
- the foot text is not imported

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