Muse Sounds reverb

• Nov 6, 2022 - 20:33


I'm trying the muse sounds on MS4, the sounds are really great, however is there a way to control the reverb?
It would actually be much better if the sounds were without reverb and one could add it to the channels (or master)...



Interestingly enough, to me it sounds like there is no reverb when I select a note. But it is there in playback.

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Hi Marc, have you heard any news about this? To my ears, some instruments (like saxophones) have a very reserved amount of reverb while others (like clarinets) have a lot, which in a blended ensemble makes mixing very hard. I just tried using glockenspiel and it was borderline unusable with the tons of reverb already added.

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I used Muse Strings together with Arab instruments from a soundfont. Muse strings sounded like a beautiful orchestra in a large concert hall. However all the instruments from soundfonts sounded too close and I had to export them as different tracks and add reverb in Audacity. Muse sounds is OK for a classical orchestra in a large concert hall, but if we need to control what instruments will sound closer or farther we need individual reverb.

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