can't select hidden crescendo line

• Nov 17, 2022 - 16:29

If you add a crescendo line the line can be selected by clicking on the dashes or the beginning text. If you make the line not visible, you can only select by the beginning text. If you uncheck beginning text, the invisible line shows greyed out as with any non-visible object but there is no way to select the crescendo. It is strange behavior that the line cannot be used to select when invisible since objects like notes when made invisible using the V key are still selectable when clicked on. So why not the "non-visible" extension line of a crescendo. I did not check other line types. Any ideas on how to access this object. Short of deleting all affected measures and starting over is my only work around. I did this because I wanted the crescendo defined but created the markings on the score using custom lines and expression text to replicate the appeance in the score I was copying. So the dynamic created for playback was hidden for appearance.


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JeeTee's fix in the link you included worked but only after I moved two other lines eminating from the same base note so only the crescendo started there. It then found the invisible element which I modified in the inspector since it was selected. Instead of hiding beginning text, I just use a period which is almost invisible but can be selected even if the line is not visible. Not sure what you call the Alt + right arrow functionality but it does the trick.

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