system break automatic insertion

• Nov 20, 2022 - 17:53

Hi all,
For my choirs I've now starting to prepare videos where the score is shown "gliding" at the same time as synthetic voices play the respective voice. The choristers feedback says that's a good help for their independent rehearsal.
Due to the way the application works, I need to produce an XML file with system breaks every 2 or 3 bars in order for the lyric's words not to overlap each other.
Of course doing it one-by-one in MuS is lengthy.
Is there a way to insert the system breaks sort-of automatically in the whole score?


Hmm, lyrics shouldn't be overlapping - MuseScore should be automatically spacing things out to ensure that. If you have a score where this isn't working, best to attach it here so we can understand and assist.

But adding breaks every 2 bars can be done in Format / Add/Remove System Breaks. You can also simply increase the overall spacing for the score in Format / Style / Measure, so that the spacing is more "natural" and can fit more measures on systems where it makes sense. Again, if you attach your score, we can advise better.

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