squeeze music on one system

• Nov 23, 2022 - 10:21

dear all, is it possible to fit this music on 2 systems? And if so, how, please?
Thank you!

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Two systems total, or two systems per page? Two systems per page is indeed simply in portrait. Landscape would require smaller staff size, or more care in how you are positioning things, like how far away your staff text imitating chord symbols are from the staves themselves. Also,musicians expect to see them above, not below, the staff. As mentioned, you really should be using actual chord symbols for those, so that MuseScore can lay them out correctly by default.

To get two systems total, start by removing the system break on the second page. Then you'll see you only have four extra measures. Then go to Format / Style / Measure and turn minimum measure width, spacing, and note distance down. At their minimum values, you can actually squeeze everything onto two systems/pages at the current staff size, but it looks bad - very crowded. So then go to Format / Page Settings and reduce the staff size to create more space. I'd recommend something like 1.5 mm for the staff space (6 mm total staff size, which is pretty standard for choral scores). Then you can add a break between the two pages where you see fit to balance them better.

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Works fine for me, either turning on "lower case minor chords" or turning off "automatic capitalization", all default settings otherwise. Perhaps you have installed a custom chord description file instead of using the standard or jazz styles? Change back to one of the supported options instead if so.

If you continue to have trouble, please attach your score and give precise steps to reproduce the problem.

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That score was created with a very old version of MuseScore; thousands of bugs have been fixed by then. It also uses a non-obsolete / unsupported custom XML file for chord symbols in Format / Style / Chord symbols, apparently left over from MuseScore 1, before MuseScore knew how to understand chord symbols properly.
Change it to the default Standard style in order to take advantage of all the chord symbol improvements made over the past decade. Well, most of them anyhow - you'll also need to update to a more recent version of MuseScore in order to take advantage of the rest of the improvements (automatic alignment, playback, plus a bunch of bug fixes).

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If it was made using 3.2, it shouldn't have had that obsolete custom XML file set - unless maybe you used a MuseScore 1 file as a template? Definitely don't do that.

Linux distributions sometimes come with their own private builds of MuseScore, but they are usually very badly out of date, and are often built incorrectly on top of that leading to all sorts of bugs not present in the official version. You should be using the AppImage you get directly from this site, not any third-party build. Download the AppImage from the main page of this site and then run it from the command line with the "install" option to add it to your desktop environment.

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