Soundfonts don't work for Ukulele??

• Nov 25, 2022 - 16:52

Soundfonts for Ukulele: I’m using MS on iMac running Big Sur. I read the handbook & it says MS comes with 128 instruments, but the playback and the MP3’s I export all sound like a digital piano.

I asked on FB, and checked the mixer, it shows "Ukulele" Instrument & sound, but still sounds like a piano. When choosing Instruments on a new score, I choose "Ukulele" or Uke TAB, but it still sounds like a piano.

I did a small test: new score, choosing Ukulele as the only instrument. Sounds like a piano, and if I go to Mixer, and change the sound to "Organ" it switches to an Organ sound. Then I did another test, choosing Acoustic Guitar as the only instrument. Sounds like a steel guitar, but at least it's a guitar. It also changes to Organ, Dulcimer, whatever I choose in the Mixer. When I choose Ukulele, it sounds like a piano.

Marc Sabatella suggested I post this here, along with my music file. Hope someone can help me, or at least duplicate my problem. Then I'll know it's not on my end. PICNIC error=Problem In Chair, Not In Computer... Thanks in advance!

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To me, it isn't so much that it sounds like a piano. It's more like it doesn't sound like a Ukulele. See what this sounds like. Each instrument should sound different.

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The original General MIDI standard did not include a ukulele sound, so, most standard-compliant soundfonts don't have one. I'm not sure where the default soundfont in MuseScore got its ukulele sound from, but it's not great indeed. But, there are presumably number of third party soundfonts you can install that would include ukulele, and they might be more to your liking. See the Handbook section on Soundfonts for more info.

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