Cannot make a circle around fingering p ,i , m or a in version 2.0

• Sep 19, 2014 - 22:00

As contrasted with 1.3 I cannot make a circle around those right hand fingering elements.
How can I do this? I checked in the 'Text Properties' pop-up window 'Frame' and 'circle' after selecting a particular fingering
(for instance an 'm'), but nothing happens.
Can somebody give advice please?


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Are you positive? Can you try again? I just tried it in 2.0 Beta, and the default "Border width" for the Fingering is 0.2sp. Perhaps you created the score not from scratch but from a template you saved earlier?

if you still have problems, please list the precise steps you are following. Here are mine:

1) start MuseScore
2) Ctrl+N to create new score, choose "from scratch"
3) choose one of the guitar instruments
4) finish
5) add note
6) click note, double click "p" in Fingering palette
7) right click the "p", Text Properties

Result: Border width is 0.20sp

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Marc, I executed exactly those steps you adviced to do and indeed
the result is a default border width of 0.20sp.
So you are right, but this still leaves me puzzled because when I faced that problem, I
made a test 'score from scratch', the one that I posted here.
But I consider this now as solved.

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