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• Dec 8, 2022 - 11:51

Just like there's a "Back to beginning" button, why there's no "Forward to end" ? I'm using the newest version of MS 3 and I don't know if MS4 will have that, but anyway, this might sound as a valid request.


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"If you set the playback position to the end there is nothing else to play and so there is not much point in doing that.". There is NO point doing that! And sure enough, that's not what I meant. My argument is solely: if there's a button (not a shortcut) to go to the beginning, why not a button (other than the shortcut) to go to the end? Simply for the sake of simetry. And yes, the END shortcut does the job, just like the HOME shortcut does. But then, by the same reasoning, why bother throwing in the "back to beginning" button?

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Because, that's the playback toolbar, not the general score navigation toolbar. It's a button to cause playback to start at the beginning, which is a very common thing to want to do. Whereas, as you mentioned, there is no point in starting playing at the end. A button to do that would be a waste of screen space, as no one would ever have reason to use it. Sometimes logic and usability win out over symmetry just for the same of symmetry.

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There are a ton of navigation commands with no UI button: Left/Right, Ctrl+Left/Right, Alt+Up/Down, PgUp/PgDn, Ctrl+PgUp/Ctrl+PgDn, etc. I suppose a new optional panel could be developed to provide mouse access to all of these, if enough people request it. But I am having trouble imagining why someone would want to switch from ordinary keyboard navigation to having to click a button just for that one particular End command. I can't think of any program that provides UI buttons for any of these basic navigation commands - cursor navigation and Home/End/PgUp/PgDn are pretty much always just keyboard commands in any program I can think of.

The End key on your keyboard (or Fn+Right, for keyboards that lack a dedicated End key) will position the view to the end of a score. Ctrl+End will select the element at the end of the score. Pressing Cltr+Shift+End will extend an existing selection to the end of the score.

This is true for both MuseScore 3 & 4.

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