• Dec 8, 2022 - 12:20

For the last year or so, I have been lurking on this forum most days to keep track of MS4 development. The users of this forum are exceptionally patient and helpful. In particular, seeing the patience of certain users around repeated requests for refunds has been spectacular.

I have in mind Jojo-Schmitz, Jeetee, Shoichi and Marc Sabatella, but I'm sure there have been others. Thank you all for your efforts in this forum.

So, I started keeping track. Every time I saw someone asking for a refund in the last year, I put £1 aside. As of this post, there is £47 in that fund. That's at least 47 times someone has asked about a refund for a product that isn't sold by this website, and at least 47 times helpful volunteers have politely pointed them in the right direction.

As a thank you, I'd like to donate that money to charity, with the choice of that charity being up to whichever of the users listed above comments and/or private messages me their preference first.

Happy holidays everyone, and don't forget to check this FAQ:

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Ha! A lovely thing to have done.
As far as good causes go, I'd vote to choose something either related to music or progamming, thus staying close to the nature of the MuseScore project itself.

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