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• Dec 9, 2022 - 14:09

I created scores using older MuseScore versions now MuseScore 3.62 won't open it. A Microsoft Store dialog box appears asking what application you would like to open the file. I inserted a file for you to look at. As always I appreciate your help

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As mentioned, it's a backup. You can rename it to open directly, but perhaps better, find the actual score - the backup might well be an older version. The real version will lack the leading period and trailing comma.

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Hello When I open a score via OneDrive > Personal > Documents> MuseScore3 > Scores. A dialog box opens and as I browse down the list I see all my scores are MSCZ, file extensions. When I click them they don’t open. Therefore, if the real version isn't there. Where can I find. I appreciate all your help.

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If you see files with no extension, it means you haven't disabled the option to hide file extensions - a terrible option Microsoft forces on users by default. Be sure to do that in order to avoid confusion and better protect yourself from malware.

If you still don't see your scores, then probably you saved them to a different folder. But, post a screenshot of your folder listing just so we can see better what you mean.

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If they don't open when you click them, it seems you have have unset the normal file association that would have been established when you installed MuseScore. To re-establish them, right click a file and select MsueScore as the default program to open files of that type.

Or, skip Explorer and just open the files normally from directly within MuseScore.

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*> it seems you have have unset the normal file association *
It seems that this is the reason. Look at the image files on the desktop: They don't show the extensions, but the Musescore files show the extensions. It is the behavior of Windows to show the extensions when no file association is set.

@ iceorchard
Double-click an mscz file in Explorer. A window should open asking you for an application to open this file. Select Musescore and check the box that this should remain the default.

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