Beams across system breaks

• Dec 9, 2022 - 15:25

This has been well discussed in other posts and hopefully is addressed in Musescore 4 but just in case I'm adding a suggestion. When a beamed note continues across a sytem break the beam stubs do not appear in the trailing or leading notes of the adjacent measures. So since it is only graphical, perhaps add an option to the beam or flag in inspector to have an option for the display like there is for note heads or mirror heads. So you could add a normal, stub left or stub right which would modify the display as necessary. Of course the underlying graphical symbols need to be created.


Unfortunately still not possible, but definitely on the radar to address as soon there is time after the initial 4.0 release. It turns out to be maddeningly difficult to implement - or at least was with the old beaming code. The new code might simplify this.

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