Custom Universal Keyboard Noteheads that can be toggled on or off similar to the solfège/(Aiken) Note head Glyphs.

• Dec 9, 2022 - 18:43

I would like to have two custom noteheads added which could be toggled on and off similar to the solfège/(Aiken) Note head Glyphs. This make accelerated sight reading of the so designed scores as the black and whit keys of the score are made to look symmetrical on the score and the sharps and flats manifest their positions to the players mind as one views the scores without having to learn sharp and flat key and practice endlessly to learn the scales.


If this is a notation system in common use somewhere in the world, then it should be proposed to the folks who maintain the SMuFL standard for music fonts. Once the symbols are an approved standard,d they can be incorporated into standard music fonts, and then supported in MuseScore.

So I recommend proposing this to the SMuFL folks - - if this is truly a system in common use somewhere.

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That is a bit of a conundrum indeed, but all the other major notation programs will be similar in this respect. You can certainly use custom graphics or a custom font or other methods to produce the result you wish to experiment with. And then if it catches on, it can be added to the internationally-recognized SMuFL standard for music fonts, and then it will become available to all music notation programs.

If you (at least for now) let go of the requirement to have it integrated as standard notation as a style setting.

Add an SVG for both noteheads, first to the score (position them as required) then to a palette.
Make use of advanced selection (select > more > a variety of options) to select all notes that require one of them. Press "V" to turn those noteheads invisible and then click in the palette to have your symbol attach to all of them.

It might even be possible to do this via a plugin (though one has to check if it could add SVGs, if not a custom font might be feasible) to save you the selection effort.

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