Muse Hub not starting after trying to open it

• Dec 16, 2022 - 07:16
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I downloaded Muse Hub from and clicked the .exe file to install it. However, it didn't launch after installed, and even if I manually double-click it's icon on my desktop like how I'd open any other app it just didn't start. When I try to open it, the blue "loading" circle just appears on my mouse for a few seconds and then nothing happened.
I downloaded MuseScore 4 individually without Muse Hub and it started normally. My PC is on Windows 10. While everyone could open it normally, I'm not sure if it's a problem on the program or my PC.

Thanks for helping.

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Additional: All tutorials are using MacOS, that I think the problem is that WIndows does have this little bar (check attachment) on top like MacOS. Is this the problem? I just can't open it on Windows.

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Hi I’ve been running into a similar problem since I installed muse hub. In my case it loads up, then closes itself after about 30seconds, and it’s occurred repeatedly.

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Same here, MuseHub does not start. Tried to reboot and de- and re-install, same thing. I see the MuseHub Task in the Task Manager, but it does not launch, neither after install nor when trying to start from start menu. Running Win 10. Installing MS4 without MuseHub works, though.

Same thing here, on windows 10. Upon first launch the splash screen shows up for a few seconds, then disappears. Launching the installed application doesn't do anything. The process shows up for a few seconds in the task manager and disappears. Since it's an app I couldn't find logs to explore, but if someone knows how to access them I would be happy to help.

Also experiencing this. No combination of Windows Updates, restarts, etc. fixed it for me. Same experience as already described, I start the downloaded exe which tells me it's setting things up and to wait. Disappears shortly after, with the Background Service using a steady 0% of resources. Attempting to launch the installed app shows an incorrect parameter error.
May or may not be relevant, but I first installed MuseScore 4 without the hub, then uninstalled it and tried installing the hub, at which point the issue began. No clue if it's actually related, though.

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Waited a few days, tried uninstalling/reinstalling, still no Windows updates. Downloaded a fresh exe from the website, uninstalled the application (as well as I could manage, I can't find where it's being installed, if anywhere) and it still doesn't work. At this point I can simply not figure out why this would not work.

On Mac OS 12.4 the installer is working, and as newhorizonsdc said, the Muse Hub icon appears at the top right of the screen. But the setup isn't what I expected - at first I tried clicking on the MuseHub icon in the Applications folder, which does nothing of course. So no problem. Is there a help tip for the installation, or did I just fail to notice it?

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MuseHub does not start in Ventura. All right click gives mer is a "Quit". No helper, no nothing. Ended up downloading MuseScore stand alone.
I opened the package and ran it from there, it spewed a lot of info, and ended up with two MuseHub icons on the Menus Bar. Both just gave me "Quit" and nothing else.

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I see a similar thing that is described above. I downloaded musehub, (for MacOS ) installed it and tried to start up, but nothing ever pops up. I tried to download a week later (thinking maybe there was a bug in the installer), but my Mac won't let me reinstall as MuseHub is "already in use". I notice that the process has been running fo 20 cpu hours (or is that 20 minutes, not sure which it is).

What's the suggestion of how to continue?

I see the option to download musescore 4 without musehub. Should I try that?

I tried killing with the MuseHub process, installed the newest version (replaced the previous). This MuseHub started. I clicked to download MuseScore. It downloaded and started. But MuseHub won't start a second time. So I'm not sure how to download all the hyped sounds.