Boxed Measure numbers

• Dec 16, 2022 - 12:52

Hi, I've searched but can't find how to box measure numbers in musescore 3. Any thoughts ? Thanks.


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You must select an existing measure number. If there are none: Format - Style - Measure Numbers.
Select Frame: Rectangle (or Circle or None). Press then 'S' on the right side to apply it to all others too.
Essential is that "Thickness" is greater than zero otherwise you won't see a frame.

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Can you explain what you foudn simpler? It is actually dead simplerin MuseScore 3 & 4 to create rehearsal marks (Ctrl+M, then type number), and you can also easily give the rehearsal mark style to measure numbers. Or change the measure number style to automatically box them. You can also have MuseScore fill in measure numbers within rehearsal marks completely automatically. none of these things were possible in MsueScore 2 - it always took far more steps to do any of these things.

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I guess it's just that so many items are changed and I have to re-learn how. I do understand that "3" is offers more options. I'm just an 'old dog ! ' In the case of boxed measure numbers. with "2," I simply R. click on a measure number and 'text style' pops up with the option for frame for all the numbers. In "3," you have to do that with inspector and even then it only does one measure number ( can't figure at what point you type "S" to get them all changed in inspector. ) Thanks for your help. Sorry to ask yet again !

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I don't understand how you could say having to right click to open a dialog is easier than having the Inspector always open - it' vastly faster. And as I mentioned, you can simply then set as style, so all your measure numbers come out the same - not possible in n MuseScore 2. You don't type "S", you press the button ith the "S" icon right next to where you added the frame. Or use any of the other vastly simpler methods I mentioned.

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